Maternity Care

Núria, Beatriz and Noelia are three midwives united by a beautiful project called Maternity Care; a platform where they inform about fertility, childbirth, postpartum and first care of the baby.

They contacted me because they had tested MamaceraM on some mothers and they really liked the result. I sent samples to the Gregorio Marañón hospital, which is where they work. They are very young, very hardworking, passionate about their work and with a lot of energy.

Of the three, the one I know the most is Núria because I met her at a talk at the Bayón store in Valladolid.

Their blog is more than recommended as they talk about very interesting topics for pregnant women or future mothers. They are three midwives who love their profession and that shows and goes through the screens.

Over time they saw that their project was falling short, that they needed to expand. For this reason they created Maternity Training, a course not only to prepare for childbirth, but also to accompany the pregnancy and the baby’s first months.

Maternity Training includes activities (Pilates, meditation, yoga…) and information that adapts to your state of pregnancy. It is totally compatible with the preparation offered by your health center, although the training of these midwives has many added values that make it truly valuable. Mainly because it is not an exclusive childbirth preparation course. You enter the platform when you know you are pregnant and you receive all the necessary information from nutrition to physical exercises, what tests you have to pass, why they are done, etc.

Furthermore, since the training is online, the added advantage is that it allows you to enjoy it whenever, wherever and with whomever you want. You are also allowed to view the content as many times as you need.

If you have questions you can resolve them via email. In the course description they say that they respond within a maximum period of five days. I suspect that this period will be much shorter.

Another very important advantage is the fact that they are still with you a few months after you have given birth. It is very important to have support to whom you can turn when you have questions. Because you are going to have doubts of all kinds. They will also advise you on breastfeeding and that is fortunate because many hospitals do not offer this help and mothers end up overwhelmed.

Núria, Beatriz and Noelia explain all this and more to you much better than I can on their page. I invite you to take a look at it and if you like it, continue reading because there is a surprise.

Last week they contacted me to raffle no more and no less than 3 courses among MamaceraM followers. I said yes right away because I am more than convinced that it will be very helpful to you. Because I know that the content of this course is more than useful and when we are pregnant, as a general rule, we always want to know what is happening to our body, to our baby, and we want to be prepared for the moment of delivery.

The course has a value of 119 euros and you can enter the platform for one year from the moment you receive the username and password.

I think they are all advantages, but, to create a little intrigue and excitement, you will have to be attentive tomorrow, the 9th at 9 pm either on Facebook or Instagram. I’ll tell you how to participate. And attention, this contest is open for one month.

Future moms, I hope you are encouraged to participate and get to know the great professionals behind Maternity Care. And to those of you who are already mothers too, and above all, happy breastfeeding.

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