MamaceraM after breast surgery

The best-known use of MamaceraM is for nipple ailments resulting from breastfeeding (itching, burning, cracks…), whether exclusive or not. I suffered from them myself and when they told me about this remedy I did not hesitate to try it. Breastfeeding saved me. I thought I had to make this product known, it seemed like a very good idea to make areolas from organic beeswax so that the discomfort that sometimes arises from breastfeeding (sometimes extremely painful) would not be a reason to stay away from breastfeeding.


And I have been on this kind of crusade for seven years now. And during this journey some woman has explained to me that she has used it after breast surgery where the nipple and areola area is touched. In fact, some men also put on MamaceraM after playing sports.


I was focused on mothers but in reality the MamaceraM areolas are also used after surgery because, among others, they have calming effects that the patient appreciates.

And what type of surgery am I referring to?

. breast cancer, where a lumpectomy or quadrantectomy is performed. Operations in which either the tumor or a quadrant of the breast is removed. These operations are performed depending on where the tumor to be removed is. The MamaceraM can be used when the operation touches the nipple and areola area.


. aesthetic operations (generic name because I know that many times there are psychological or health reasons behind it). In these operations we have mammoplasty to give volume and shape and mastopexy that corrects sagging breasts. In this type of operations, the areola and nipple area are more affected.

When and how can I use MamaceraM?

To use them, you have to wait for the suture (stitches) to be removed. Women who have tried them have explained to me that there is hypersensitivity in the nipple and areola area. The MamaceraM will be placed in this area and help:

avoid rubbing with the fabric (the bra)
Since wax has healing and anti-inflammatory effects, it will relieve hypersensitivity in the area, as well as swelling.


As you can see, MamaceraM are of great help when this part of the breast is irritated, swollen, cracked… either due to breastfeeding, an operation or in the case of men doing sports, especially those involving running, such as athletics or football. . And due to its ergonomic and slim shape, no one will notice that they are being worn.


As you see and many (and many) confirm, nature offers us its wealth to help us.

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