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We’re opening month… and what a month, right? School holidays, excess food, more celebrations per day than the rest of the year, New Year’s resolutions…

What a mother. Chapter I.

For a few days now I’ve been thinking about an idea that seems pretty funny to me. And maybe useful too. I wanted to get

MamaceraM and the heat

With the arrival of summer also come almost, almost hellish temperatures. Summer, I don’t deny it, has its positive side, but when the thermometers get

How to protect crafts.

At the end of this month of June I will be in Madrid talking about the MamaceraM process. I will be hand in hand with


I have always been fascinated by the bee, from how those little wings move their body, the organization within the hives, their perfect hexagons, honey,

How to place MamaceraM nipple shields.

Many times you have asked me how to place the areolas. Although the box also includes a leaflet explaining how to place the MamaceraM, there

The benefits of massage.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have always been very in favor of infant massage. The first contact with our children is through

MamaceraM after breast surgery

The best-known use of MamaceraM is for nipple ailments resulting from breastfeeding (itching, burning, cracks…), whether exclusive or not. I suffered from them myself and

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