How to place MamaceraM nipple shields

Many times you have asked me how to place the MamaceraM nipple shields. Although the box also includes a leaflet explaining how to place the MamaceraM, there are always doubts. So I decided to say it through a video. It is already known that a picture is worth a thousand words.


I emphasize, in case it is not clear, which I do not believe, some of the points that concern you the most

The areolas are thick enough for the wax to do its job but NOT be noticeable when you wear them.
You don’t have to wear them for more than an hour between feedings. That is, you breastfeed your baby, you put on the MamaceraM and when an hour passes, you take them off. And if you can, wear your breasts bare or without a bra. The air, the sun, along with the use of the areolas, will make those cracks, itches, and discomfort in general heal faster.
They do not replace the soaking disc; These will be placed between the wax areola and the bra.

I focus on mothers, but remember that areolas can also be used by women who have undergone surgery, as I tell you here. The placement would be exactly the same: areola – bra. In this case the soaking disc is not used.


And this, and much more I tell you in the video. For image connoisseurs, please excuse this video learner, but I think the content is quite clear. As I always tell you, if you have any questions, contact me and I will be happy to answer all your questions. Together we will make breastfeeding a HAPPY BREASTFEEDING!!

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