Enough boob!

Well yes, enough of the tit. There is a day or days, or weeks or months… that we moms consider weaning our little ones. For some mothers it is a more natural process than for others. Although the milk decreases, the child one day decides that he no longer wants to breastfeed again… But for many others (in which I include myself) the process is more delicate.

When our children do not want to stop sucking the breast and we see that this cycle is coming to an end, some quite intense stages come. Because until this moment the breast was not only her food, but also her comfort, her home, her refuge. Surely more than one mother who is reading me has spent hours snuggling with her child with her breast “at hand.” Or right after a vaccine…Lucky those of you who have been able to breastfeed your babies during the injections.

On more than one occasion I have said that breast is more than food. Breastfeeding makes us more aware that we are animals, mammals, and that it is the natural way of pulling our babies forward. (I always say that it is respecting the mother that she does not want) More natural and every day more studies confirm that it is better. But as I said, breastfeeding becomes much more than just feeding. A very intense bond is created with our children that we often have to break. Well, better than breaking, transforming. Because the link will always be there.

For many of us, that moment becomes really hard and the first advice I give you (from my own experience) is that we have it very, very clear. We have to be aware and truly sure that we want to put an end to this stage. This means realizing that our children grow up, our child is no longer a baby (nor will it be again no matter how much we breastfeed him), that the union that is created when we breastfeed our children will be transformed. We have to be aware that we are going to have some tough days and, above all, be clear about it so as not to go back.

I also advise you not to be radical. Better if it is a gradual process where every few days or weeks (it depends on the rhythm of each mother/child) we remove a feeding. For example, start by not breastfeeding if you are away from home. Then we will reduce feedings only when we go to sleep (nap time and at night). Whatever you do, let it be little by little because you are both preparing.

I have to confess that with my oldest daughter, the first night I didn’t breastfeed her to sleep. It was a good night and we went to the terrace to see the stars, to read a story, I explained to her the reasons why there was no more breast. She cried a little, but she immediately fell asleep. I cried more.

This made me extrapolate this behavior to many situations experienced every day. If we show them security, trust and reason with them, our children understand us more than we think.

This is why it is very important that the moment we decide to start the weaning process, we do not go back. If we go backwards it is worse for everyone. Although their cries hurt us inside, destroy our soul… it is a decision that if made, must be fulfilled. While …

Happy Breastfeeding

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