You are pregnant, not sick

I have given a lot of thought to what I am going to write today because perhaps it could hurt sensitivities. It is a somewhat delicate topic because each person lives in a different way and manages what happens to them in a thousand ways. But the truth is that I feel bad that pregnant women act like they are sick (when they are not)

A few months ago, in the maternity waiting room (you know that I go where the professionals ask me to tell them about MamaceraM) I saw a mom who seemed to be in terrible condition. I was there long enough to find out that hers was simply the pregnancy. That despite the discomfort of tired legs and holding too much weight, the woman was perfectly fine.

She in a way made me sad. I tell you that everyone knows, or at least should know, what her body is like, what reactions it has and how to pamper it. It is also true that during pregnancy, if you are a first-timer, you do not control anything that happens to you at all. There are some lucky ones who spend the nine months as if nothing had happened, but for the majority, it seems that our body is not our own. That we have no control over what happens to us. Every week there are new sensations, new changes. But they are beautiful sensations and changes, don’t you think?

The mom-to-be who was in the waiting room (and who triggered this post) wanted to go to the bathroom, and she was escorted by her partner and a friend of hers. They treated her as if she were made of glass and she acted like a Lladró figurine about to shatter.

She made me laugh and at the same time she also made me sad. I have already told you that we were there long enough to discover that the girl was in perfect health. Also, you already know that I shy away from asking questions. And yes, I asked her how her pregnancy was going, what was wrong with her. Nothing, nothing, everything fine… Monitors.

I imagine that like everything in life, it’s a way of putting things together. An attitude with what comes to you. It seems to me that pregnancy is such a beautiful experience… that it can be very hard, yes, but at the same time, so fleeting.

We have to live intensely each stage of our life. And I know that each pregnancy is a world. I have had friends who have not found out, others have been in bed for practically nine months, with the anxiety that that entails. But it is up to us to choose whether we want to live this period happily, consciously but optimistically.

I hope that the example that I have described to you is the least of the cases and that the majority of mothers live it with fullness and joy.

Because you’re pregnant (expletive omitted) you don’t get sick!

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