The right moment

When is the best time?

Lately I hear too many women say that they don’t dare to do what they want to do because it’s not the time. These desires range from starting a business, starting a family, taking the trip of their lives… But when is the time?

I tell you that we will never see the moment as the right one. It’s always too late or too soon. We always want to be better, we leave it for later, for when the situation improves. But what if it gets worse?

We must not lose focus and know what we want. And this can be generalized, from starting a company, as in my case, to having a baby. Don’t get me wrong because I’m not frivolizing or comparing a baby to a company. Although I always say that MamaceraM is my third daughter. And sometimes she requires more attention (and money) from me than biological ones.

What do I want?

The best thing is to be clear about what you want and go for it. Obviously many things have to be considered. In the case of wanting to have a child, to form a family, we must be aware of the responsibilities that we will have to face. And not just monetary because if we looked at what a baby costs, I think few of us would have had the courage to start a family. But you have to be sensible and know that many of these expenses are unnecessary and that the most important thing a baby needs is the warmth and love of the parents. So, future mothers, you simply have to want it, really want it.

And the same for setting up a company or embarking on any adventure. The most important thing is to know what you want and know the path you have to take. Although you never know what you are going to find on this path. But if you know where you have to go, the doubts, the bad advice and the bad decisions, the down days… in the end they remain in the background because you know what your next step is.

Fear yes, but little.

I think it is a human tendency to see beyond what happens. Being prepared is very good and even necessary, but seeing more problems than are going to arise is not acceptable because it creates fear. And fear creates paralysis. We dissect what we want so much that in the end we don’t recognize it. We have to overcome the bull when we have it on us. Otherwise, we waste energy unnecessarily.

By this I don’t mean that you jump into the pool without knowing how to swim. You have to have foresight, of course. But many times we want everything to be so perfect and idyllic that that reality never comes.

As always, I speak from my experience and from the heart. Life is too short to spend it in fear. Or worse, wondering… What if…? There is nothing worse, I believe, than regretting what we have not done or tried. Even if it goes wrong.

So, future mothers, entrepreneurs, adventurers… go ahead!

Happy Breastfeeding

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