The Handmade Academy

The move from Mugroneres to MamaceraM involved a lot of work in many ways, first and foremost, a mental effort: knowing what you want and convincing yourself that you have to be there, no matter what. Growing up also involves knocking on many doors. Sometimes you receive doors slammed and other times, as is the case, the door is wide open.

The Craft Academy was born at the initiative of Èlia to offer information, resources, materials (and much more) to all people who have a craft profession and are starting out in this world of entrepreneurship. An exciting world but also very difficult because there are many blindfolds that you go through until you really find the right formula for you. In fact, to avoid these headaches, Èlia had a blog, Superyuppies, where she gave information and advice on getting ahead and transforming your idea or your hobby into a business. I imagine that Craft Academy has been, in some way , the natural evolution of this blog.

Every fifteen days a newsletter appears in your (virtual) mailbox offering succulent offers to create a website, manage social networks… as well as free resources for your blog or website, advice on registering your product or how to register it. It introduces professionals who can be of help to, as she likes to call it, create synergies.

It is, without a doubt, a community of high-level crafters.

I met Èlia through a friend. She told me that she sure liked the idea of it. What I saw seemed fascinating to me. Without being a member, when you enter their website, you have a lot of information, including a list of suppliers, recommendations… Imagine what you can find being part of this community. I had to become a student at the academy and after receiving a couple of lessons (meaning newsletter) in the email I decided to write to collaborate with her. Because I think it’s a great idea and a great help. In addition, we agree with the admiration for handmade things and slow living (even if it costs). It is also a collaborative platform. That is, with the aim of helping each other, cooperating and collaborating and without profit motive.

This time it is MamaceraM who appears in their biweekly NewsLetter with a 10% discount. If you also want to benefit from this discount, go to The Craft Academy and sign up to become a member.

Apart from purchasing the MamaceraM at a great price, you are interested in being part of this community if you are dedicated to the craft world and are going to launch yourself into business and entrepreneurship. I would have liked to have found The Craft Academy seven years ago. If you don’t believe me, look at this. And although no one assures you that the path will be easy… How many shortcuts this platform provides!

Happy Breastfeeding, moms!

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