The doubt of undertaking.

MamaceraM is a project that was born when I was already a mother; In fact I can say that it was born because I was a mother. The excitement of the beginning may make the fatigue, knocking on doors, research, product presentation more bearable… I am a supporter of breastfeeding and I have always been clear that MamaceraM is a product that really works. But I won’t deny that I have asked myself more than once, is it surely worth spending so much time without dedicating it to my daughters?

The world of entrepreneurship is exciting as well as hard. The work is not easy and there are many doors to knock on and many doors to slam. Although I am one of those who thinks that when you really want something the way is given to you; You know the right people and you are in the right places.

Many days things do not go as we expected and spirits fail. I think you can’t break down because in my case there are two little birds watching how their parents react. Of course, if things go wrong, they go wrong. But you have to know how to take the hits, especially when you are an example for your children. And on the other hand, with a negative attitude things turn out even worse. The secret is work and self-motivation.

In my case, I knew that the product was good, because of the top quality materials and because, before marketing it, I tried it on my own meat (never better said, right?)

This whole process of research, obtaining certificates, finding the most appropriate way, manufacturing… I am passionate about it. But what I like most about my job is talking to moms, midwives, giving talks and collaborating with whoever asks me. In fact, I have proven that MamaceraM is a product that is sold, above all, by word of mouth, by direct recommendation from midwives or other mothers.

The part of my job that I like the least is standing in front of the computer and updating social networks. I get into trouble, I’m more of a pen person than a computer person, hahaha, but hey, I always learn new things, I meet very nice people and of course, I try to make my brand known a little more.

Actually, my least favorite part of my job is not spending time with my daughters. I am lucky to be able to make more or less my schedule, but I always wonder if it is really worth it, if my days away from home and the hours I spend on the phone or in front of the computer screen should be spent with my daughters . Because they grow very quickly and if one day they have a bad day at school I would like to be there and not in the car, for example.

Still, I know that I am lucky because I have the option to choose, which many moms, for better or worse, do not have.

Special mention in the world of entrepreneurship, and working parents in general, are grandparents. What would be of us without their support? And in my case also my partner. All help is little when you carry out a house, a family, a project…

Many moms have dreams and projects that they would like to carry out. From here I encourage you. Go ahead with your dream. Because with good organization it can be carried out. There will come moments of weakness, as I have already explained to you in my own case, and you will wonder if it is really worth not spending so much time with our children. But every effort is rewarded, right?

Happy Breastfeeding.

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