The benefits of infant massage

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have always been very in favor of infant massage. The first contact with our children is through the skin. Our hands caressing the baby’s little body are the basis of communication until language takes center stage. We foster the trust of our children and the bond of attachment. We touch each other, we look at each other, we see each other, we smell each other… baby and parents get to know each other better through touch.

And apart from creating bonds, massages help us calm them down, with the very annoying gas, massages can help them improve when they have a cold but they go further, because they also help psychological development, stimulate the immune or hormonal system… If you want to know more benefits of massages, visit the page of the Spanish Association of Children’s Massage (AEMI).

You will be able to know the benefits that these caresses have not only for our children, but for society in general. You will also be able to know where and when they hold their workshops. I recommend them because, although there are very simple and basic massages that we can do to our children from when they are babies, we have to know where, for example, the intestines are located and their direction if, for example, we want to relieve their gas.

AEMI is an association that I especially like and I have decided to participate in its latest magazine by advertising myself. I don’t usually do this type of action, but I think it’s worth it in this case. I received your latest newsletter, which I share here since it is only for members. I have read it and the content is really interesting. You will find reflections from massage educators, an article that talks about the difficulty of breastfeeding after a traumatic birth, the testimony of a mother, recommended readings…

I hope you like what I share with you. Let’s pamper and massage our little ones more. You see that everything is advantages.

And… Happy Breastfeeding!

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