Beeswax and botulism nipple shields

I think every once in a while I feel compelled to talk about botulism. Still at this point there are people, supposedly professionals, who accuse beeswax areolas of being a danger to the health of babies.

This is not a post defending myself, because I have nothing to hide. But I am tired of creating an alarm that does not exist. So I explain it slowly and hopefully definitively.

What is botulism?

This is a poisoning caused by a neurotoxin (toxin that acts on the nervous system). This neurotoxin is produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum.

The neurotoxin enters our body through foods that contain it due to their improper preparation. And yes, botulinum toxin is really serious.

Infant botulism

This type of botulism occurs in babies up to six months. “The infant ingests Clostridium Botulinum spores that, like bacteria, colonize the intestine and release toxins” Source WHO

In children over six months and in adults this does not occur because the intestine has sufficient defenses that prevent the germination of these bacteria.

There are several sources that may contain these types of spores. In 2007 there were two cases of botulism in babies (the last in Spain that I remember) that fortunately came to fruition. The cause was an infusion for babies that was withdrawn from the market.

This poisoning has also been directly related to the ingestion of honey. And this is where the alarm lies regarding beeswax nipple shields.

Operculum Wax

When I decided to market beeswax nipple shields (because I used them myself and saw that it was a natural product that people should know about) I was clear that I couldn’t use just any wax. I use organic cap wax because it is the purest, it is extracted directly from the honeycomb. Therefore, it neither contains residues of products to treat the hive such as acaricides nor is it mixed with lower quality wax or paraffins (petroleum). Consequently, it has not been subjected to high temperatures either.

If there are traces of honey in this wax, they are easily removed when the wax is heated to filter it and clean it of impurities. To give you an idea visually, they separate like oil and water. Thus, it is very easy to remove the remains of honey (if there are any)

Health Controls

I was also always clear that if I was going to sell beeswax areolas I had to do it well and above all safely. There are analyzes of the wax that show that there are no traces of honey and, therefore, there is no risk of contracting botulinum toxin.

But, at the time, I went even further and to have the product completely in order, I sent it to the Spanish Medicines Agency, which authorized the areolas for use and sale.

Furthermore, for several years I have been collaborating with the University of Alicante in a study from which good results are being obtained.

Now, I ask you a question, do you think I would endanger the life of a baby with what it would mean for me as an artisan but above all as a mother?

Do you really believe that laboratories and even the Medicines Agency would accept a raw material and a final product that put the lives of babies at risk?

Benefits of Beeswax

Both its properties and characteristics make it ideal for the production of cosmetics such as facial and body creams, lip balm… It is a natural skin moisturizer and has healing properties in addition to being also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-allergenic. It also contains propolis, whose benefits include anti-fungal and anti-viral.

The truth is that I can’t think of any natural remedy that provides as many benefits for nipple ailments resulting from breastfeeding as beeswax nipple shields.

Mugroneres and MamaceraM

I started marketing beeswax nipple shields back in 2011. The beginning was not easy but it was exciting. The road is not easy either and sometimes not exciting either. Whoever is launching a project can already imagine what I’m talking about. But that is beside the point now.

My intention with the marketing of nipple shields has been, is and will be that mothers find relief in the nipple and areola area due to the problems and inconveniences that may arise during breastfeeding; from holding the baby to the breast to spending hours on a feeding…

If there is a small problem, it has to be solved by going to the midwife, the performance advisor, talking to a friend if she intervenes… but it has to be solved. Until breastfeeding becomes a painless act of love, MamaceraM is there. The goal is for improvement to be found and the mother not to give up.

On the other hand, I would also like to say that from the first moment I take care of all my product. I clean the wax, I do the nipple shields, I put them in their little bag (also made of organic cotton and made in my area). With this I don’t want to get medals. I think that when you do a job you have to do it to the best of your ability. In addition, MamaceraM is a safe and environmentally friendly product.

That said, I also want to make it clear that everyone is free to choose the product that best suits their needs or the recommendations that have been made. But look carefully before buying what consequences it may have for you and the health of your loved ones.

Unfortunately, many of us pay for the malpractice of a few.

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