Your body, your pride.

That’s how it is. Your body is the reflection of your life. Of the good times and the bad. Of the good decisions and the not so good ones. Your body is the result of unforeseen events, of excesses… of what you are.

Now comes the good weather, the time to show those parts of your body that were duly hidden during the winter and of which we feel so little proud. It’s time to show the shape of your legs, your tummy, that scar that seems so ugly to you, the stretch marks from the bikini operation three years ago… It’s time to show all these changes and modifications that your body experiences. It’s time to show all those battles you’ve experienced. And it must be done without complexes.


It costs, I know. But if we don’t do it we lose more than we gain. Think about it. You have to accept yourself, fall in love with yourself, the good and the bad, because this whole thing is precisely what makes us who we are.


Another mistake we make (very corrosive) is comparing ourselves. It’s an exercise that we all practice: “the neighbor has great legs and I have my blood sausages… MariPili buys these little dresses… and I wear these rags. Where will she buy them? Look at Conchi… not a stretch mark on her body.” …  It will be a goat!!! ”

Comparisons, apart from being hateful, are a waste of energy that will also make us enter a kind of vicious circle: we will always have someone to compare ourselves with and we will always want more. When we buy MariPili dresses, we will want Martita dresses, which are even better. Do you understand what I want to explain to you? I think that if we have to compare ourselves, let it be with the best version of ourselves.


We are the ones we have to love. If you are very, very tall, perfect, you see the world from another point of view; That you have thighs and a butt, good, because curves are in fashion now and always; You are very thin… good, because being thin is also in fashion now and always.

Let’s begin to free ourselves from fashion parameters and the damned “what will they say?” Think that it is very boring that we are all the same. Diversity is the best.

Well, let’s free ourselves from those taboos and love each other a little more. It’s difficult, I know, but let’s try. Because if we don’t do it, who will?


This is the most difficult part because loving our wrinkles, scars, curves (concave or convex), stretch marks, cellulite, gray hair… more than a question of will, it is a question of the head. Mastering it is a difficult task but we really have to do it, give it courage and courage and be more powerful than our thoughts because if our little head decides to be negative and wins the battle…we are lost.


Furthermore, our attitude is an example for our children, especially when they are young. They act more on what they see than on what we tell them. And what example do we give them if we spend all day complaining?


Now that the good weather is approaching, I propose a challenge to you. Be spontaneous and self-conscious like your children are now. For this, the scar from the fall from the bike is a source of pride. In this sense, let them be your teachers. Don’t waste any more time squeezing your ass or hiding your belly… go out proud of being who you are.


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