What would you do for your child?

Dear friends:

What wouldn’t we do for our children? Today, I’m here to set the scene. Many of us, and I don’t mean all, when we are pregnant, and not just the pregnant mother, but the whole family—husband, grandmothers, mother-in-law, aunts, cousins—and I mention them because it is generally them, us, who dream of making sure the new baby lacks nothing and, if possible, that everything is new. Even if the mother doesn’t see it that way, others impose it (speaking from experience). We spend a fortune on the coolest stroller in history, the safest and best car seat, the trendiest and most complete room, the best clothes… and if we give so much importance to all these material things, why not give the best food, knowing it has been created and designed for your baby? Warm, with all the vitamins, with all the defenses your body has created for them, contact, convenient, sterile, ecological, etc.

Do you know why? Because we are losing the culture of what is essential and indispensable and the ability to live simply. They make us believe that all these material things will make the baby and us happier, and when that beloved being comes into the world, you realize that all they want are your arms wrapped around them and full of love, making them feel safe and loved, and everything else is superfluous. I didn’t put my daughter in a stroller until she was 9 months old, when she weighed enough that my back hurt from carrying her, and even then, only occasionally. I always had my hands free, the baby didn’t cry because she was always in contact with me, just like in the womb; all this contact means that as they grow, they feel secure and supported by their parents, generally suffering fewer illnesses.

Don’t tell me I can’t… If you want to, you can, as the saying goes. In some exceptional cases, it’s not possible, but it’s very rare. A woman’s body is designed to produce milk. If you have a dog or a cat and they have their puppies, do you doubt whether they can nurse them? No, you don’t, and it’s the same for us, but there’s a difference: we have humanized ourselves so much that we are losing our animal instinct. Because we are Homo sapiens, and if more and more women give artificial milk to their children, we are going to have serious health problems with our future generations. The best vaccine and legacy you can provide is breast milk.

Did you know that cow’s milk, which is used to make formula, contains twice the protein of breast milk? This can cause renal failure in some babies and be a cause of their death, but since these cases are few, we carry on…

To those who decide to breastfeed their children, today we have scientific evidence that organic beeswax discs, placed on your breasts for 3 hours a day from the 38th week of pregnancy, help reduce the likelihood of abandoning breastfeeding by 80% at 6 months of the baby’s life, so you have no excuse.

Do you know that if you breastfeed, you save €14,000 a year on formula?

So, let’s use common sense and remember that, although it may seem very hard at first, it passes very quickly; you will later remember it like a dream.

I say this because I am living it with my two daughters, aged 11 and 14. Take care of yourselves to take care of others.


My words are just that, words. I don’t want to offend anyone, but this is what I think.


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