Scientifically validated by the University of Alicante.

Breastfeeding protective discs

By choosing this product, you are benefiting your health, that of your baby and that of our planet. Being made from 100% beeswax, it is a completely reusable, biodegradable and ecological product. You will also discover that it is an effective remedy and very comfortable to use.

Thank you!

areolas manos
Natural breast care and protection
Product recommended by healthcare professionals
Beeswax protective discs

For use during breastfeeding

The only product on the market that assures you results

Endorsed with scientific evidence by the University of Alicante.

With maternal education according to the OMS offered by midwives and the placement of beeswax discs.

Placing 2h/day mamaceram at 38 weeks of pregnancy you have an almost guaranteed success of not abandoning breastfeeding,

with 70% at 3 months and 80% at 6 months of life of our babies.

(The greatest anti-cracking guarantee is a good latch).

It can be placed:

Before the 38th week of pregnancy as preventive 2h/day. Tested.

During breastfeeding, 1h after each feeding, without cleaning the breast.

After surgery, after suture removal.

Breastfeeding protective discs

What are they?

They are rigid and thin ecological beeswax discs that cover the areola and the nipple, very comfortable and practical to use, they do not need to be cleaned before or after use, they do not mark on clothes, they do not deteriorate due to their use, nor do they need to be molded to adapt them. They are placed directly on the skin and are maintained with the bra, they do not replace the soaking discs.

What symptoms do they alleviate?

Dryness, itching, scaling, cracking and itching. Relieve rubbing against the bra. They work for as long as you wear them, which is why they are so effective.

When to place them?

They can be placed during pregnancy as a preventive measure for 2h/day. It has been demonstrated in the study together with the maternal education given by the midwife and recommended by the WHO, that all this helps to prevent the abandonment of BF. (It is recommended to read the study). After childbirth in the process of adaptation to breastfeeding. After breast surgery (once the areola or nipple suture has been removed).

How long will we wear them?

In pregnancy a maximum of 2 to 3h/day. In the period of adaptation to BF after each feeding without cleaning the breast, we will place them 1h maximum after each feeding. After surgery, 2 to 3h/day. It is not necessary to wash the breast before or after feeding, they are innocuous for both the baby and the mother and do not interfere in smell or taste.

MamaceraM Certifies

Ecological Wax Sanitary Registration National Pharmacy Code. Research by the University of Alicante in support of the LM. 1st Prize of Valencian Community Craftsmanship to Sustainable Artisan Product. 2nd Prize of Crafts of the Valencian Community to Artisan Woman Project

What are they for?

They are used to treat any type of problem that may appear in the areola or nipple area, either due to incorrect suction, after surgery, after a race due to the rubbing of a T-shirt or for no apparent reason.

Properties and qualities of our wax?

Our wax has moisturizing and healing properties, it also contains propolis which is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. It is operculum wax extracted directly from the honeycomb, in order to avoid mechanical processes, it has not been mixed with petroleum, etc. .... in order to preserve its natural purity. The filtration process is 100% handmade, in optimal hygienic conditions. This wax is used as a fat base in hygiene and cosmetic products.

How to place them?

If we are pregnant, it is recommended to smear the wax areolas with first cold pressing and organic olive oil, since the wax contains propolis and this is liposoluble and is activated by getting wet. This process can be repeated when breast-feeding, but as at that moment we already have remains of breast milk and baby's saliva, it would not be necessary. We will place the wax areolas directly to the breast without previously cleaning them. They can be stored in the refrigerator and this increases their properties.

What care do they require?

As long as they are kept in their organic cotton bag, they will be protected, but if necessary, they can be washed with water and neutral soap and left to air dry. Do not expose them to high temperatures or direct sunlight. Be careful not to drop them as they may break. If you put them in the refrigerator they will calm you down a lot. And if you spread them with olive oil of first pressure in cold eco will increase their properties.

Expiration or reuse?

Once opened 2 years. From MamaceraM we want to make you a proposal, give them a second use to the wax areolas since the wax is of high quality and its combustion provides properties to respiratory problems. We propose that after a year of use you make a candle with them, to celebrate the year of life of your baby and breastfeeding if you feel like it.

Clinical Study of Beeswax Nursing Pads


"Health education study to improve the maintenance of exclusive breastfeeding in primiparous women through the use of beeswax breast areolas."

The study was based on two groups of women, the first was called the control group and the second the intervention group, and the midwife gave the maternal education recommended by the WHO to both groups equally.

The difference was that the intervention group had wax areolas applied at the 38th week of pregnancy, for 2 hours/day. Both groups were equally followed up at 3 and 6 months of the baby’s life.

As you can see in the image to our right, the evidence is very significant, since the group of women who had wax areolas placed have a lower abandonment of breastfeeding at 3 months 70% of women did not abandon and at 6 months 80% did not abandon breastfeeding.

This indicates that the intervention group, i.e. the women who had wax areolas placed at the 38th week of pregnancy for 2 hours/day, achieved better results than the intervention group, i.e. the women who had wax areolas placed at the 38th week of pregnancy for 2 hours/day. They have achieved better results than the group of women who did not wear the wax areolas.

So today we can say that MamaceraM helps women to have less abandonment of breastfeeding, we invite you to continue doing studies on it.

The WHO wants to achieve by 2025 in Europe that 80% of women breastfeed up to 6 months of life and today we only reach 48% worldwide and in Spain in 2023 we were close to 29%.

The study has shown that we would reach 70% at 3 months and 80% at 6 months of life of the baby.

Resultados uso areolas
Conclusions of MamaceraM's Doctoral Thesis by the University of Alicante.
Conclusiones punto 1
If you are a healthcare professional and are interested in seeing the complete thesis, you can download it from this QR
lidia mamaceram
MamaceraM's mother

Lidia Blanco

My name is Lidia, MamaceraM’s mom. I give myself this title because this is my project as a mother. When I talk about it, I say it is like my third child.

I introduce myself: I am a Nursing Assistant, Dental Hygienist and Breastfeeding Consultant by EduLacta.

Contact with nature empowers me. I am dynamic, enthusiastic and I love to help others. As a mother, I have discovered that I am also an entrepreneur.

I am passionate about the world of parenting and, above all, about breastfeeding. I feel that breastfeeding is the best inheritance we can leave our children (always respecting those who decide otherwise). Wax discs helped me in my first breastfeeding, so this is my project as a mother in support of breastfeeding and I hope to help future moms with it.

Thank you for trusting MamaceraM

Product recommended by health professionals
Lirios Tudela

Lirios Tudela Botí (Midwife)
A Research Project

I introduce myself; I am Lirios Tudela, a midwife since 2003, trained at the University of Canterbury, England and I also have a Master’s Degree in Breastfeeding. I have been working at the Virgen de los Lirios hospital in Alcoy since 2005. And I have been in the world of social networks for only three years with the profile @lillytbmatrona.

My connection with Lidia goes back many years and when she told me about the great Research Project that was being carried out with beeswax areolas, MamaceraM began to take part in the research with the University of Alicante.

I have had many patients who already came with areolas, recommended by their midwife at the Health Center, having fabulous results, since they were more aware. For others, it was recommended once they had had their baby and the problem had already arisen. My experience is that; A good positioning of the baby together with the Beeswax Areolas, we observe that the recovery is faster and the mothers feel great relief. The positive experience of these women is what makes the beeswax areolas speak for themselves.

But if you still have questions or need to know more, do not hesitate to write to us. I invite you to be part of our MamaceraM community, where we are going to create a space based on respect, every woman will be welcome.

Thank you for your trust.

Lirios Tudela Botí

Handcrafted in a natural and ecological way

With MamaceraM we are contributing to the health of our future generations and to the health of our planet, since mamaceram is a biodegradable, ecological and handmade product.


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