Postpartum girdle, yes or no?

Today I am here to recommend a product, not because I have used it, but quite the opposite.

On Monday, Laura Caldarola talked about her first maternity purchases. Apart from the MamaceraM, it also included an abdominal belt. She had used it after her first birth and now she repeats it. And it made me very angry that I hadn’t used it myself, especially after my second pregnancy.

I didn’t do it on the recommendation of my midwife; She advised against it because according to her, it harmed both the abdominal muscles and the uterus.


I talk to many mothers for my work, with many midwives, with friends… and I see that all of them who have used postpartum girdles are great. And when I say great, I mean that everything has returned to its place and they don’t have lower back problems either. The girdle does not work miracles, I also tell you that. We have to exercise and control what we eat.


65% of pregnant women (you have all the options if you have been pregnant before, have gained a lot of weight during pregnancy or have had a cesarean section) can suffer from diastasis, that is, the separation of the muscle that we have in the abdomen that It usually occurs especially in the last trimester.

This separation is not always corrected and can also cause problems in the lumbar area.


There are different opinions about the use of the girdle. And within these opinions there are also different points of view on when to start wearing it. Some, the day after delivery, others, a week later. If you have a scar from a cesarean section, wait for it to heal; others believe that moderate use of the girdle helps healing. And I imagine there will always be someone out there who will say that girdles are the devil’s invention to generate income…


So know well what you want and ask doctors, midwives and friends for their opinions. I tell you that, not for me, but from what I have seen with mothers who have used them, I recommend them because they help correct the back, tighten our tummy and make us feel more “collected.”

Here, here and here some of these girdles so you can see models and prices (they don’t sponsor me, be careful)

If you decide to use them, do not abuse them because it can be worse, the muscle becomes lazy and we don’t want that either. Furthermore, the girdle is not a substitute for physical exercise either. It is an aid, not a panacea. And of all the exercises I prefer hypopressive abdominal gymnastics because it is very specific for this area.


Happy Breastfeeding!

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