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You are pregnant, not sick

I have given a lot of thought to what I am going to write today because perhaps it could hurt sensitivities. It is a somewhat

Why is breastfeeding abandoned?

More and more women are deciding to breastfeed their children. But unfortunately this number decreases once the woman has given birth. The figures are not

Solidarity MamaceraM

We’re opening month… and what a month, right? School holidays, excess food, more celebrations per day than the rest of the year, New Year’s resolutions…

What a mother. Chapter I.

For a few days now I’ve been thinking about an idea that seems pretty funny to me. And maybe useful too. I wanted to get

Beeswax and botulism nipple shields

I think every once in a while I feel compelled to talk about botulism. Still at this point there are people, supposedly professionals, who accuse


Today I had lunch with some fellow students, from when I was studying dental hygiene a few years ago. It was a meeting that I

Maternity Care

Núria, Beatriz and Noelia are three midwives united by a beautiful project called Maternity Care; a platform where they inform about fertility, childbirth, postpartum and

MamaceraM and the heat

With the arrival of summer also come almost, almost hellish temperatures. Summer, I don’t deny it, has its positive side, but when the thermometers get

Congratulations, there are two of you!

I imagine that when during the first ultrasound the gynecologist tells the mom something like…I see two!! It must be a little disturbing. At first

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